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Indefinite Maintenance Mode

— Updated

Update 1

After talking with Digital Ocean, it turns out that it was NFO that had this block in place. I am waiting to hear back from DO as their engineers are investigating the issue. If nothing becomes of that then I will contact NFO and see about the possibility of a whitelist.

Update 2

Now, after talking with NFO, it appears that Digital Ocean was the one behind the block. Now it is a matter of waiting for more info from them.

Cyan.TF is currently in indefinite maintenance mode. This means that no further development or changes will be made to the server, website, or community as a whole for an undetermined amount of time.

This decision has been made due to technical complications out of my control (continue reading below), a general dwindling of interest, and priorities being shifted to other projects for the time being.

Early this month Digital Ocean, the web server provider, started blocking requests made from ALL servers on their network to NFOServers. They claim that this is due to abuse coming from DO's network. While NFO said that this wasn't a knee jerk reaction from a recent DDoS attack on the Cyan.TF website and that abuse had been happening ongoing, it's one hell of a coincidence.

Because of this, many features on the game server have been rendered useless while this block remains. This includes admin/donor features, bans/mutes/gags, spray management, and various features on this site. The server still functions with its basic features that the average player may not even notice a difference.

As for my own interests in the community, I am decided as to what action to take. I recently wrote up about my experiences running my own community for over 5 years and it goes into more detail about the recent incidents on the server.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns then you may find ways to contact me here.

Also, happy Pride Month! Gay Pride Flag

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