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Cyan.TF is a laid-back 100% crits server with a suite of whacky and unique plugins & addons to create a distinctively different and enjoyable server environment.

The server's plugins aren't all whacky, though. Being built to be autonomous, the server also houses various maintenance and anti-cheat plugins to maintain and moderate the server even if there is no administrator on.

Cyan.TF first started out as KWC, Kill With Cuteness, back in mid 2014 and was intended to be a small orange crits server that was hosted on an Ubuntu VPS. The server didn't initially gain many players and was then rebranded as Cute.TF. Even then, the playerbase was very small. It was then decided to try something different: running stock maps, no plugins, and getting the server on TF2's quickplay. That failed horribly as it was empty nearly 24/7. It was promptly changed back and started slowly gaining players. When Halloween came around, event maps were added to the rotation which gained an influx of players. So much that a VPS upgrade was desperately needed.

Soon the entire brand was revamped as Cyan.TF when a new, proper server host came along. Now the server is running stronger than ever with over 30,000 unique visitors.


Staff are the voice of authority in the server. They keep the peace in an otherwise chaotic environment. Below are the current staff members and the roles they assume.




The founder and head staff of the community. Operates the server as well as handling the other aspects of the community such as the website, Discord, etc.

Sarah Bear

Sarah Bear

Veteran Admin

The first additional staff member to apply and get accepted as well as one of the most active players of her time.



Server Admin

An admin that is on pretty much all the time considering he has no life. Tries to maintain the server and make sure everyone is having fun but also has a good time himself. Likes to call people nerds and use the reserve shooter for some reason. Feel free to bully him with rockets when you see him.

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