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Name: Fuhrer Rico (steam is a tad slow to catch up to my rename so it is listing me here as Starscream) Age: 19 Time on Cyan as a Whole: around 2-3 years by this point Why I want to be admin: Getting straight to the point, if Discount's ban is goin...

Posted by Führer Rico

Staff Application admin app...

Name: kayden Age: 13 Time on server: 12 hours Why I want to be admin: i wanna be admin because i wanna help the server alot by helping discount and deathbomb out by makeing sure no one uses cheats and hacks and then if they do ill ban them so please l...

Posted by medic kayden

Staff Application Admin application

Age: 14 years old Time on server: 2 years Why i want to be admin: i want to be admin on this server for being a part of this amazing server and meeting 2 of my best friends here and i want to help get rid of hackers and make sure everyone is being fair...

Posted by Zoxard

Staff Application kiji's Server Moderator Application

Name: kiji Age: 16 Time on server: 1.5~ years (technically more, but I've really only started being more active on the server relatively recently.) Why I would like to be admin: I suppose that it's been a long time coming. I don't remembe...

Posted by Donor Scapegote ♡

Staff Application Tyler タイラー Staff Application

Name: Tyler Age: 20 Time on server: Well over a year, maybe close to 2 years? Why I want to be admin: I joined Cyan randomly through the server browser one night hoping I could find a good crit server to kill some time on. After my first game, I fou...

Posted by Donor Tyler
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