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howdy my name is knob (or Ender irl, ) age:17    time spent on the server would be probably be around a year i dont know how to check those things. im applying to be a moderator on the server because id like to make the server a better place and to help get rid of hackers or other such bad players from the server when im on which sometimes is when none of the other admins or mods are on. ive met friends on this server such as fuhrer rico,haggtagg and other people who i dont have in my friends list but i see on the server often. although i understand i havent spent as much time on here as others, it is because during the school year i dont get to spend as much time on here as others may get to and if it means anything, i co admin fuhrer ricos discord server and i have my own so that at least gives me a bit of experience in the managerial department. please consider this application and get back to me when you can! you know where to find me! 

Thanks,     Knob

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