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Staff Application kiji's Server Moderator Application

Name: kiji

Age: 16

Time on server: 1.5~ years (technically more, but I've really only started being more active on the server relatively recently.)

Why I would like to be admin: 

I suppose that it's been a long time coming. I don't remember the absolute first time I first joined, but I do remember the first time trying to find this server on this account, the first thing I type into the server browser being "yiff". It's interesting to see that this was the first thought that came up in trying to find this server, but I think the more notable bit is that this server is the server I was compelled to find, amongst all of the all crits server that existed at the time, which was a fair number. And ever since then, this server has always been my home on this game. It's where I always came to when I was feeling down or when I had nothing to do. This server has, is, and will always mean so much to me for everything it and the server owner himself has given me, and I feel extremely compelled to give back in any way possible. 

In regards to moderation experience, I am currently staffed in several Discord servers, and own one myself with a respectable amount of activity. I have moderated a few forums but have never really had the opportunity to moderate a TF2 server, especially because I always played this one, and occasionally LazyPurple. I was on a hiatus away from TF2 for awhile, but now that I am back, I'm trying to be as active as I can. 

I enjoy the presence of everyone in the server and I believe that people do enjoy having me around. The active community is one of the warmest I've met during the few thousand hours I've played this game for. I also find myself coming across people who do violate the rules listed on the website and would like to remedy that whenever possible, and in general, maintaining the health of the server and making sure that we have fun for years to come.

And lastly, and probably the more insignificant aspect of becoming a moderator here is to grow a better sense of community here. Being able to handle certain and more tempestuous situations whilst being able to enjoy the company of those around me. I believe it may help me understand what it is like to help a community as much as I possibly can and learn to develop my character, personality, and being.

Thank you very much for considering my application, I do hope that you see this as an opportunity to help the server in the best way. 

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Staff depthbomb

This application has been denied due to not following the application guidelines.

Once you meet the requirements as stated in the guidelines then you may create another application.

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