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Name: Fuhrer Rico (steam is a tad slow to catch up to my rename so it is listing me here as Starscream)

Age: 19

Time on Cyan as a Whole: around 2-3 years by this point

Why I want to be admin: Getting straight to the point, if Discount's ban is going to remain permanent then I feel as though I should step up to the plate and try my luck in becoming an admin. If I have learned anything in running make shift nations in games, I know that being short staffed is quite the disadvantage in catching these hackers or enemies of the server; that is the main kicker of my interest in being admin. I also bloody love this server and is quite frankly the only one I play on, hence why I am concerned with Discount's sudden self ban and the server as a whole. I look forward to seeing your response, even if I do not get accepted, I am interested how you will guide the serve forward staff wise.

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