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Staff Application Moderator/ Admin application
  • Posted by MDCCC
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My name is MDCCC.

I am 20 years of age.

I have been on Cyan since 2015.

Hallo, I would like to apply as a moderator or admin of the server and help in monitoring, enforcing rules, and ensuring order is sustained when other members of the staff team are on or off. There are currently 3 staff members. It came to my attention that it can be rather difficult to sustain awareness of people breaking the rules while playing. I am no stranger to multitasking and I am observant of my surroundings even in the heat of battle. I'm five years into the server and have seen and experienced all types of players be it on TF2 and off TF2 on other games.

Being an administrator is no new thing for me, I have experience in such duties. Being a hands on admin or mod and acting as a spokesmen for anybody who has questions reguarding the server or other tasks that some people might not be well versed in conducting. I will go into detail regarding subjects, planning out events or other matters.  I'm open for discussions and debates. I know how to deal with troublesome users and de-escalation of those types of peoples.

As an admin/ mod I don't take to horseplay, duty is placed above playing the game or enjoyment if somebody is breaking the rules you must take action and give a reason as to why you are punishing said user, and supporting detail to back up that punishment if they so question it. I believe that if I am given the opportunity of authority. I would be able to enforce the rules of the server and handle incidents of spawn camping/ spawn killing which are a big problem that does happen with in a great many of maps. I am open to debate or discussion regarding spawn killing and spawn camping for they both are different in part. 

Being in this server has been an enjoyment for me. It's 1 of 2 servers I visit. Cyan being the server I join much more often then anything else. I do, on occasion, join causual but that is no community server. I've introduced my friends into this server back in (2)015, and they in turn invited their friends into this server. I've seen ups and downs, changes and players coming and going. Though all that, I've endured and lasted the test of time. I speak much regarding the server and have also in part made some advertisements though meme's I've made and put together.
I gives thanks to the owner for his time. And recognition to an admin for to messaging me regarding topics pertaining to the server.

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