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Appeal Permamute for repeated violations of music rules
  • Posted by The Defence
  • Updated

I was permanently muted for repeated violations of the music rules. I don't remember the exact time this was implemented, but I fully admit to regularily doubleplaying songs when nobody else is playing, and to having bass boosted files.

I don't think "I was stupid and didn't read the rules enough" is an excuse, so it's not mine. This is the main server I've used for the last several months, and I really enjoy the community at large. I'm not trying to beg because I know that's annoying but I'd like to appeal my permanemt mute.

I don't know how to wrap this up other than I'm sorry for breaking the rules.

This post is locked.

Staff depthbomb

This mute will be lifted, but any futher infractions will result in the mute being reinstated with no possibility of appeal.

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