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Music-Playing Tutorial

Music-Playing Tutorial

Playing music in the server must be played via a program, rather than holding your mic to your speakers and playing music through them like some sort of neanderthal. This article serves as a tutorial on the recommended way to play music in our server.



If you've ever used HLDJ back in the day, SLAM might be a bit familiar. SLAM is the Source Live Audio Mixer, a free, open source tool for playing music in Source games. While it is very similar to HLDJ, it has many improvements that makes it stand out such as volume adjustment per song, automatic tagging of songs (choose songs via a tag rather than a number), a trimmer, and a YouTube importer.

SLAM is simple to set up; follow the instructions below:

  • Download the latest version by clicking here and clicking
    • The latest version is 1.5.4 as of the writing of this article
  • Extract the folder to a place where you won't lose it
  • Run the program
  • Choose Team Fortress 2 from the top dropdown menu
  • Set your audio key with the button in the bottom right corner of the program
  • Import your audio via YouTube or by selecting it from the file browser
    • As of 12/22/2018, the YouTube importer is broken and you must import your audio files manually
  • Click the Start button in the program to initialize the program
  • Go ingame, open the console and type voice_loopback 1 and then exec slam
    • voice_loopback 1 allows you to hear your own playback as others would hear it. It is recommended to enable it. However, some servers may automatically mute you if this is enabled.
    • Executing the slam config will not work if you did not press "Start" in the program
  • Type la in the console to get a list of all available songs
  • Type the number or tag of the song you wish to load
  • Press your audio key to begin playing music
  • To import new songs, you must click "Stop" in the program and then import them.
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