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Server Update 7/15/19

Server Update 7/15/19

After over 3 months of broken connectivity between the game server and our VPS, things are finally restored. To celebrate this, have an update containing much-desired changes that I've gathered from players over this downtime.

  • General
    • Re-enabled WATCHDOG
    • Re-enabled the donor panel
    • New map-end vote song
    • Loosened up the chat filter a bit
  • Items
    • Random shotgun spread has been disabled
    • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
      • +15% faster firing speed
      • On Hit: Gain up to +6 health
      • 25% clip size
    • Spy Buffs
      • Health gained per active sapper per second reduced from 9 health to 8 health
    • Added missing rebalance changes to The Bread Bite
  • Maps
    • The following maps have had their time limit reduced from 40 minutes to 30 minutes:
      • cp_orange_50f_tower_v7
      • dm_mariokart3_v1
    • The following maps have had their weights reduced (less likely to appear randomly in end-map vote):
      • cp_orange_50f_tower_v7
      • dm_mariokart3_v1
      • cp_orange_minecraft_2013
      • ctf_2fort_3rdoct_a4
    • The following maps have had their weights increased:
      • cp_orange_asylum
      • pl_minecraft_redstone_s15
    • The following maps have been added to the rotation (and taken out of the donor panel):
      • cp_420_orange_run_v1o5

      • ctf_minecraft_town_a3a

      • koth_mario_kart_v1b_event

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