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Server Update 2/8/19

Server Update 2/8/19

This update brings some changes to a little bit of everything!

  • Items
    • Engineer Buffs
      • Building health bonus decreased from +25% to +10%
      • Dispencer range bonus increased from +25% to +33%
        • Does not affect the range in which it will heal sentries
  • General
    • Dispencer healing rate for other buildings has been reduced on various maps to make them less of a major roadblock in the match
  • RTD
    • Godmode
      • Perk duration reduced from 30s to 25s
    • Powerplay
      • Perk duration reduced from 30s to 25s
    • Weakened
      • Multiplier increased from x2.5 to x3

While the invulnerability perks are very exciting to get and can make a huge impact on the turnout of the match but their impact is a bit too huge. A reduction in duration should lessen this impact.

  • Map rotation
    • cp_gray2_v2 has been removed from the rotation
    • Adjusted map weights
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