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Donor Commands

Command Description
!robot Enable MvM player model
!colorme [color] Change your model color
!footprints Open footprint effects menu
!voicefx Open voice effects menu
Affects your class's voice, not your microphone output
!noisemaker Open noisemaker menu
!eyerockets Enable Monoculus rockets (Soldier only)
!resizeme Open overall resize menu
!resizemyhead Open head resize menu
!resizemytorso Open torso resize menu
!resizemyhands Open hand resize menu
!trailme Adds a sparkle trail to yourself
Can only be removed from a map change or reconnect
!trail [option] Adds a colored beam trail to yourself
Available colors are: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, cyan, and pink
Use off as an option to remove the trail
!rocketme Blast yourself to space
!kartme Put yourself into a bumper car
!shapeshift [class] Shapeshift to the specified class
You are stunned for 2.5 seconds after shapeshifting
You cannot shapeshift to other classes from Spy
!rainbowme Toggle a rainbow glow on yourself
Allows all players to see you through walls
!toggletracers Toggles tracers on your weapons (Only works with hitscan weapons)
!fakebuy [item] Show fake item buy chat notification
!fakefind [item] Show fake item found chat notification
!fakerenameitem ["item1"] ["item2"] Show fake item rename chat notification
Make sure to include quotes around both arguments
!fakeunbox [item] Show fake item unbox chat notification
!buildingcolors Show the building coloring menu
!ragdoll Show the ragdoll effects menu

To use the laserz feature, bind a key to the command +sm_laser

Reserved slot only works when the server is full. To use it, open the console and type connect to automatically connect to the server even if it is full. This will kick a non-donor player out in the process.
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