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Frequently Asked Questions


No. We allow players to play any way they want as long as it is within our rules. Players are free to play or not play the objective as they please. The only exception is that we might force a player to play the objective if they are delaying the round.

  • What is Watchdog?
    • Watchdog is our new web-to-server system that currently runs various checks on players to help moderate the server environment.
  • Why did I get banned for a VAC ban that does not apply to TF2?
    • Watchdog checks for players with recent VAC bans on their accounts as this info is the only public VAC info that we are able to obtain. If you make an appeal on our bulletin board with proof that your most recent ban is not in TF2 then you will be unbanned and whitelisted.
  • What other checks does Watchdog perform?
    • Watchdog also checks profiles to see if their community profile is set up and also checks for the presense of duplicate accounts on the server.

This means that you currently have an active mute and not that you have been muted at that moment.

Either you are ping masking, or you have set your cl_cmdrate cvar to an invalid value which will cause your ping to be misrepresented. Set this to a value of about 60.

Players who change their name too often in a short period of time get autobanned automatically by the system. This is to prevent cheaters, or regular players, from constantly changing their name to avoid punishment. It is recommended that, if you have the need to change your name multiple times, you should disconnect from the server and then change your name before reconnecting.

Common Problems and Bugs

  1. First, follow these 3 steps that might instantly fix any sound problems you are having:
    1. Type !sounds to enable SaySounds if you had previously disabled them.
    2. Type snd_restart in the console. This might freeze your game for a few seconds.
    3. Make sure your game is set to download custom audio files in your multiplayer options. If it isn't, then enable the option and then reconnect to the server.
    4. If the steps above did not work, then continue reading.
  2. Completely exit the game.
  3. Navigate to your TF2 directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf
  4. Locate the server sound files in sound/depthbomb OR download/sound/depthbomb
    • This is where all the custom server audio files are downloaded to
  5. Delete everything in this folder. If you have sounds in both of the folders above then delete those as well.
  6. While in the /tf/ folder, search for all files that end with .sound.cache and delete them, including files named sound.cache [IMAGE]
  7. Reconnect to the server and all sound files will be redownloaded.

This is a limitation set in place by Valve. They don't like it when players are given weapons they don't have or use taunts the don't have. As a result, weapons and taunts given via plugins have invisible props. There is nothing we can do about this.

RTD rolls like Increased Max HP or Lucky Sandvich give the players a large overheal. The former of which applies the large overheal when the perk expires as opposed to Lucky Sandvich just providing it.

Some of our weapons are modified by adding and removing attributes from them. When an attribute is added, all others are removed so we basically build weapons from scratch when modifying them. Killstreaks and strange properties are handled as attributes and thus are removed on weapons that we modify. There is no workaround for this.

There are a couple possible causes for this problem.

First cause is obviously if the teams are imbalanced. This only happens if you are on one team and are trying to join the other team or you are trying to join spectator. If the enemy team outnumbers your team by an extra player then you are unable to join the other team or join spectator as this will cause an imbalance and thus an autobalance will occur.

Second, you are stuck in spectator after the map changes and are unable to join any team. This is an odd problem that we know neither a cause nor a proper fix to. It seems to happen when you try to join the same team the same instance as another player. It will then lock you out, unable to join any team. This does not appear to be normal functionality in the game and is likely the side-effect of a plugin that would take too long to debug to find the culprit.

You can get passed this bug by either reconnecting to the server (typing retry in the console), or by typing !motd.

All players are subject to multiple cooldowns when it comes to SaySounds. First, each individual sound has its own cooldown that has to tick down before anyone can use it again. Players are also under a short cooldown that they must wait for before playing any other SaySound. Players have a limited number of SaySounds that they can use per round. Once this limit has been reached, you may not use another Saysound until the map changes or there is another round.

Some SaySounds are also only available for server staff. These particular sounds do not appear in the !soundlist menu for non-staff players.

Because that is what's happening. The version of that map you have is different from the one running on the server.

This usually happens from modifications being made to the map without updating its name. A solution to this is deleting your version of the map and then reconnecting to the server so you may download its version.


It is bad for player retention. Players are likely to leave if they just joined on a map for it to change within a minute.

  • Why do I have to get 100 kills before I get regular points?
    • This ensures that players are committed to earning points.
  • Why do I lose points by committing suicide?
    • So players get punished for suiciding after a kill to prevent others from getting points from them
  • Will stats ever be reset?
    • It is not decided yet. We may reset stats annually but this isn't a guarantee.
  • Why do some players get so many points from me? Won't that cause a plateau?
    • Points are, in a way, a measurement of skill. If you are performing well and getting kills then you will be earning more points than lost. The max amount of points a player can earn from killing you is capped at 10. You also only lose half of the points your killer got from killing you.

We use various songs and bits from the Undertale OST. The details are below.

Map vote "buildup" and vote song - From "Bring It In, Guys!" @ ~2:33

Sudden Death song - From "Hopes and Dreams" @ ~ 0:20

Map end song - From "Last Goodbye" @ ~0:23

Spawn room music - From "Tem Shop"

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