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Server Rules

Even a care-free server like ours has some rules and regulations to keep order. Below are some basic rules that you are required to follow when playing in our server.

1. Gameplay
  1. Cheating/hacking will result in a permanent ban. No exceptions.
    • Despite VAC being disabled at times, this does not give you an excuse to cheat.
  2. Griefing is not allowed and its punishment varies depending on the severity and past offenses of the guilty
    • Things that can be considered griefing are and thus count as infractions: refusing to cap the intel, intentionally delaying gameplay (such as hiding in spawn during Sudden Death), abusing certain features (see the proceeding rule).
  3. Pyro feeding, intentionally shooting projectiles at an enemy Pyro so they may be deflected and kill your team, is not allowed and all involved will be punished equally.
  4. Knowingly using exploits or teaching others exploits is not allowed even if the exploit is brought on by a map design or server plugins.
  5. Spawncamping is only NOT allowed if you attack from within the enemy spawn, allow teammates into the enemy spawn to attack them, or shooting into the enemy spawn with the intention of hurting them. Laying sticky traps or building outside of the enemy spawn is still allowed. These rules are voided during Sudden Death, Humiliation, the Waiting for Players period, or if the map features an outside spawn with no indoor area.
2. Player Behavior
  1. Racial slurs and other discriminatory language is not allowed in text or voice chat.
  2. Only English is to be spoken in voice chat. You may speak in your native tongue in text chat.
  3. Advertising, recruiting, or linking of other servers, groups, or any other community that is not part of the Cyan.TF network is forbidden.
    • Such info should be shared privately and not publicly in the server or other associated mediums.
  4. Threatening to hack, threatening staff, or threatening the wellbeing of other players, staff, or those associated with said individuals will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  5. Flooding the chat with spam or nonsensical phrases will get you gagged (unable to use text chat for a duration).
  6. Overly-hostile behavior towards another player may be dealt with by staff if they feel the need to.
3. Content
  1. Sprays depicting real life pornography are not allowed.
    • Sprays may contain hentai or r34 content as long as it does not contain guro or loli/shota/cub
      • If you cannot provide proof that the subjects in your R-18 sprays are of age then we will judge it based on what we see.
  2. Sprays depicting shocking content (like gore) are not allowed
  3. We may hand out punishments for rule-breaking imagery on items that allow you to apply custom images onto them such as the Conscientious Objector.
4. Music
  1. Music must be played using an external program such as SLAM or HLDJ. Simply holding your open mic to your speakers will get you muted.
  2. If there are other players wanting to play music, you must take turns.
    • You get 1 minute after another player is done playing to play your song or you lose your turn.
    • Playing out of your turn will get you muted.
    • These rules are voided if you are the only one playing music.
  3. Only songs are to be played. Sounds/sound effects, voices, or anything NOT a song will get you muted
  4. Songs cannot be more than 10 minutes. Exceeding this limit will get you muted.
  5. Insure your songs are properly converted and are at a comfortable volume.
    • Overly-loud songs (ear rape) and songs that are bass-boosted to the point where you can ONLY hear the bass are not allowed.
  6. Playing the same song over and over again will get you muted and you will lose your turn.
    • Playing the same song twice in the same map counts as repeated playing.
    • You are to wait 2 maps, or 90 minutes, after a song is played before you can play it again.
  7. Be wary of the server time (top of scoreboard). If the map changes during your song then you lose your turn.
  8. Just because you muted another music player does not mean you can play during their turn.
  9. Players wanting to talk on mic are allowed to speak over the music you play so don't get mad at them.
  10. You are not allowed to change songs after your current song has been playing for at least 10 seconds.
  11. Cutting your songs off early will result in you losing your turn.
  12. Rules regarding turns and waiting may be ignored if you are the only one playing music.