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SaySound Adding Quake kill feed sound effects. by MDCCC
6 days ago

It would be nice to have the Quake kill feed sound effects added to the server. It's a neat thing and also adds a sense morale boost to one. And I'm assured anybody would enjoy seeing their name across the screen saying: X is dominating". And also hearing the sound effect play. There's also a female version of the sound effects. I play on a...

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SaySound SpongeBob SaySounds by Staff Discount ❤
1 week ago

hi how are ya - (first couple seconds) you what - Think these two saysounds would be a funny addition to the server.

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Map Remove more orange maps from by Lylsburg
2 weeks ago

I get that I'm probably one of few with a seething hatred of the majority of orange maps. But that aside, the amount of orange maps Cyan has is a bit excessive. Additionally, the removal of orange maps that people don't want around would leave room for better, more varied maps to be added in. EDIT: In response to Depth's request for more info,...

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SaySound OBJECTION! Saysound by Donor Grub
3 weeks ago

Someone being a moron, Discount, and you have the absolute need to prove them wrong? Use this saysound to immediatly prove them wrong and make $1,000 easy. It's a classic, billions of kids use it everyday and are dunked into the trashcan by Rodney and the other middle schoolers and will guara... guarentee... hold up. Guarantee an instant hot wife/husban...

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SaySound Make a saysound where sheldon says bazinga. by Effy
3 weeks ago ^^^ Here is a link to a file where sheldon says bazinga.

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SaySound bruh saysound by Donor bird
1 month ago

im still pretty surprised this isnt in the server almost every other saysound is a meme this is too e

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Rebalance The Cleaners Carbine by Donor (CuK) Knob
1 month ago

can we possibly add some unique stats to the carbine because its honestly a cool weapon but it never gets used.

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Rebalance Shotgun Spread by Staff Discount ❤
1 month ago

As a reply to Knob's suggestion to give the shotguns damage falloff which would cause shotguns pitiful damage at long range to because even smaller, I suggest that fixed bullet spread be turned on permanently. Making the shotgun have damage falloff would half its damage at far away distances, making that 18 damage you would typically get from a shot do o...

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Rebalance The shotguns by Donor (CuK) Knob
1 month ago

on the pistol, the critical damage falls off with range so people arent sitting around sniping with the pistol. i think that stat should be added to the shotgun because on cp_spire mdcc being able to sit in the middle tower and being able to hit me with 30 to 40 damge hits while im standing at our second point is pretty ridicoulous. you shouldnt be able to s...

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Map Space Jam Map by Hyper Spyro
2 months ago

I think that the space jam map would be a great addition to the Cyan server, its funny and memey and its passtime, a rare gamemode anyone plays, and with crits itll even be more wild, I personally feel its match for the server, Ive included the link to the map

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