This map is basically koth_trainsawlaser with less hazards than the original. The map takes place on an abandoned industrial hazardous materials compound, and it was taken over by the Train God. However, it also seems Reliable Excavation Demolition and Builders League United have also part of it too.


This map contains trains, saws, and lasers, obviously. It contains a free Übercharge laser that will invuln the player for a very tiny amount of time (in the original, the beam would kill them). Whenever the center control point is captured, or when there are no captures for a long time, a Train Rain will occur. Train Rains will happen frequently after a round. If the "sacrifices made to the Train God" should reach 100, a milestone event will occur, which locks the control point and stop both teams' timers. Many spells will appear around the map.


This map was created by UEAKCrash, the same guy who made Wubwubwub.