I suggest adding the map cp_gray2 for the following reasons

  1. The map has barricades layered across the front of each spawn to prevent snipers from spawncamping.
  2. Spawns have a tunnel in the back left corner that forks into two other tunnels, one to the final point of each side, and the other to battlements; this would help prevent spawncamping in more ways than one since the map gives 3 points of exit.
  3. A moderately large skybox is given to the map, so mobile classes should have no problem traveling around.
  4. Second from last, as well as mid control points have layered floors to allow for attacks from different angles and prevent players from sticking to one area.
  5. Health & ammo packs are spread across key points of the map; such as last, second from, and mid.
  6. Tying into my second point, each spawn also has 3 large doors to exit from as another way to prevent camping spawns.
  7. The middle of the map is a large trench that is filled with a thin layer of water as to help prevent fall damage for mobile classes as well as those who drop from the bottom layer of mid tower.

Although the map has many beneficial factors contributing to it, it also has a few cons to it as well

  1. The map is very spread out and may not be the best choice to vote for when the server's player count gets low.
  2. Sentries may clog up mid and second from last control points if not dealt with by a rush or players or even just a demoman.
  3. Each tunnel from spawn has small open slits cut from the roof which can be shot through. This could be annoying to deal with if a demoman or soldier spams those areas, although the slits are spread out in large open areas of the map, which allows for the campers to be flanked as punishment.
  4. Both spawns as well as mid are quite dimly lit and may prove hard to see inside.
  5. The ceilings inside second to last and mid are pretty low-set, not allowing much vertical movement in some parts of them.


Hopefully this analysis of the map will prove useful to those who give it a look, and I really suggest giving it a whirl to see if the map proves functional to the community.

Here is the map's Gamebanana page


Here is the map's download page (use the newer version, CP_gray22.7z)