As a reply to Knob's suggestion to give the shotguns damage falloff which would cause shotguns pitiful damage at long range to because even smaller, I suggest that fixed bullet spread be turned on permanently. Making the shotgun have damage falloff would half its damage at far away distances, making that 18 damage you would typically get from a shot do only 9. Knob put the suggestion because he was getting hit by 36 damage shots from halfway across cp_spire, which can happen. The problem of having random bullet spread is that, if you're really lucky, you can do lots of damage from far away. I can recall a few times doing 90 or 108 damage from across maps because of luck. Putting in damage falloff would also make the shotguns worse in medium range combat, which is what it's supposed to be used for. Instead of making the shotguns do worse in long range and medium range combat, let's make it all more fair by putting in fixed spread so dealing good damage doesn't rely on you being 2 feet away from your target or getting lucky.